Hip replacement issues have been one of the major concerns worldwide, especially following the release of data that complications have caused DePuy hip replacements to fail at a much higher rate than other hip replacement models. Newly-released information presented that about 12 to 13 percent of patients who received one of the recalled hip implants needed a replacement surgery after just five years.

DePuy is a subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson, which implemented a global recall of their products. According to Dr. Stephen Graves, the director of the National Joint Replacement Registry in Australia, they have been telling Johnson&Johnson to implement the DePuy Hip Replacement Recall since 2007. But it was just realized in August 2010. Moreover, from 2008 until the recall of the products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been receiving several complaints from patients, whom needed to undergo another hip replacement surgery. Several DePuy hip replacement lawsuit have also been filed by the victimized patients. As a matter of fact, the first trial for DePuy ASR hip replacements will be in January 2013.